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Technology in Education.


Technology in Education. Good or bad thing? The reason I’m asking is due to an article I read this morning which talks about Kindergarten students using an App to enhance their education and learning in the classroom.

Technology in education is nothing new but, it’s been gaining popularity and is being used in classrooms to engage children in lessons more and more in schools and higher education institutions.

In a subject such as maths, I think technology is good but having a good teacher who goes through problems, explains and shows you how to work out equations, is even better.

That doesn’t mean technology that can engage children in a subject which many find difficult or hard to understand is a bad thing. If it makes the lessons more enjoyable and much more interesting to the children involved, then it’s definitely a way forward. I’m hoping I can see much more integration with technology in not just maths but, education as a whole.

Can technology be used effectively in a subject like mathematics?Image


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