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Maths Revision, some tips and advice.

With warmer, longer, sunnier days, it’s easy to notice that summer is right around the corner, the only problem is before summer – comes exams.

That’s right, it’s exam time. It’s the time of the year that students dread whatever level of education they are in.

As always, good preparation rears good results.

Around this time I am always amazed at the amount of Blogs and Youtube channels popping up with videos telling you how to revise properly and how to make sure that your revision sticks.

The problem with these videos are this, everyone is different, what might work for them, may not work for you and vice versa, rendering most of these blogs obsolete.

Maths revision

I’m not saying don’t read any of them, by all means take a look at a couple and see what tips are on there, but don’t follow each tip exactly.

Try them out, figure out what feels comfortable and roll with that.  Being comfortable is the first thing that will help you retain that information when it comes to scribbling it down on your answer paper.

Practice makes perfect, practicing what you know will help you build your confidence to practice questions or topics you may  not be as strong on, this will help you a) understand the topic  a bit better, b) allow you to practice and improve and c) boost your confidence.

Boosting confidence and keeping motivation high is key for effective revision.

Another tip is plan, always plan. Write a plan of what topics you are going to revise, usually your teachers/lecturers will have given you a list of topics that may come up in the exam. One thing that I cannot stress enough is revise ALL topics on the list, read through the list and practice them. Maths in itself is a practical subject, meaning: many of the answers can’t be found within a text book. Problems need to be worked out.

Don’t just revise topics that you know, it can be tempting to look at a topic and think I know this, I can solve this. Very good, you can solve this topic but it won’t be the only topic in the exam meaning all the time spent revising topics that you do know will leave you in the dark when a topic that you haven’t had time to revise turns up on the paper.

Maths is a tricky topic at the best of times , online revision may help you grasp topics and be able to keep you confident for the exam.

The last tip would be do NOT cram, cramming does not help, it will push out any information you have studied properly and will increase anxiety.  Relax, take your time and think about some of the topics that may come up in the exam.

The more effort you put in to revision, the more you will get out. Practice makes perfect with maths.

So practice, think positively and take the exam feeling that you have done well and got good results.


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